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BILLION$ POURING IN. Presidential Race Continues To Heat Up.
These eye-popping figures makes this presidential election to be the costliest ever and nastiest.

HOLIDAY CEASE-FIRE? The World Is Watching.
During this 4 day Muslim holiday, the violence continues as the UN urges all influential countries to pressure both sides to stop all violence in Syria's civil war.

LIBYA CONSULATE ATTACK. Was There US intervention?
US Secretary Panetta says military leaders lacked enough intelligence to risk American forces in what turned out to be a deadly and chaotic situation.

HARD-LINERS IN ISRAEL. New Political Party.
Netanyahu strikes a deal with his right-wing foreign minister to create a hawkish super-party.

WINDOWS 8. To Buy, Or Not To Buy.
Is it a new, or an improved Microsoft software. Some call it a radical departure from previous versions.