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KILLER HURRICANE. May Threaten Millions.
National weather forecasters now say Sandy is a hurricane again, several hours after being downgraded to tropical storm. Frankenstorm lives and it is not to be taken lightly.

Candidates battle for swing state voters. Mitt Romney’s team catches up with President Obama’s outreach. Meanwhile, President Obama and Governor Romney could split popular and electoral college vote. New polls suggest Romney could win the popular vote, while the electoral college gives Obama a second term.

HIGH TECH LEADERS. Database Grades Lawmakers.
TechCrunch is launching CrunchGov to rate lawmakers on how well they align with Silicon Valley’s high tech interests.

MENINGITIS MADNESS. Pharmacy Linked to Fungal Meningitis Outbreak.
Investigator say the pharmacy knew it had mold and bacteria. The New England Compounding Center’s internal monitoring showed contamination in dozens of locations.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARZAN. 100th Anniversary.
Books, conferences and a hot new Jane mark the centennial of an enduring fictional character. But what about Cheetah?