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HURRICANE SANDY. Poses Serious Threat For Millions.
Many worry hurricane may cause destruction and a lot of pollution to hit the body of water.
Sandy is on track to smack the US somewhere between the Delmarva Peninsula to the south and Cape Cod to the north and across Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Victim’s family members want answers as an outbreak characterized by uncertainty and ambiguity.

US GENERAL ACCUSATIONS. Investigations Involves Three Army Men.
Cases against senior military officials are growing and casting a shadow on US Army as the entire screening process is being questioned.

USSR FLASHBACK. Russia detains Putin foes
Opposition leaders are being held for protesting against torture and repression near the Lubyanka.

SF GIANTS LEAD. World Series Could Be Decided.
The true giants for San Francisco Giants were the pitchers following their 2-0 victory over the Detroit Tigers in Game 3 of the World Series of Baseball.