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DEADLY AND COSTLY SANDY. Super-storm leaves 51 Dead, 7 Million in Dark.
50 billion dollars worth of Devastation and lost revenues as the death toll rises along East Coast. Surging seawater wreaks historic havoc on NYC as NJ fights flooding Destruction in New York brings surreal scenes of a Big Apple gone wrong after Sandy pummels the area. Flooding, power outages and fires from this massive storm that left at least death and destruction up and down East Coast.

BEST-LAID CAMPAIGN PLANS GO AWRY. Last Few Days Before Election Day.
President Obama cancels Ohio trip in favor of a swing through storm-ravaged New Jersey. Romney, striving for right tone, while he eases up on campaigning and politicking.

SYRIAN REGIME CRIMES. Shelling and Airstrikes Continue.
The latest populated area assaults kills 23 and levels a Damascus neighborhood, following what activists called the heaviest bombing of the war.

THE FORCE OF DISNEY. Purchases Lucasfilm.
This entertainment conglomerate buys Lucasfilm Ltd., the creators of "Star Wars," announcing that it will move the sci-fi movie franchise forward.

Following years of bad-weather bungling, U.S. airlines decide to cancel flights early and keep the traveling public away from their terminals.