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CANDIDATES FIGHT BACK. Digs At Opponent's Claims.
President Barack Obama ridicules Governor Mitt Romney for espousing new-found moderate views during the first presidential debate. Meanwhile Romney drops his harsh conservative rhetoric. The GOP nominee emphasised the struggling middle class and embraced Medicare, a US government program which is one of the largest deficit drivers in US.

TURKEY WARNS SYRIA. Sending Troops As A Challenge.
Turkey’s parliament sends Damascus a strong message by authorising military cross-border operations after a deadly mortar attack from Syria

FRANCE'S PIGEONS FLAP. Hollande Political Problems.
An angry campaign against the capital gains tax on Facebook and Twitter by a number of entrepreneurs calling themselves les pigeons forces French government to retreat.

CHICKEN PRICE HIKES. Rises Costs Lead Saudis to Tweet.
Citizens turn to Twitter and other forms of popular social media as an effective tool to influence the government in the kingdom where dissent is tightly controlled.

NAKED TRUTH IN CHINA. Reveals Emperor’s Garb.
Bo Xilai’s downfall may force changes and shake up that popular vision that the selfless and clean political elite governs like a just and benevolent emperor.