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COST OF SUPER STORM SANDY. Human Lives and Billions Lost.
US east coast began to clean up from super-storm Sandy but many are still without power, dealing with flooding and facing severe damages.Meanwhile, the most important tasks is to restore power to more than 8m people across and restarting those transportation services.

US ELECTION STRAINS. Dismay In Policies.
Hypocrisy and exaggerations have most longing for next Tuesday’s vote to finally be over and done with.

ASSAD FACE-OFF. Palestinians in Syria.
Long-feared violence between factions of Syria’s large Palestinian population is yet another dangerous threat.

FIGHT TO SAVE EURO. Draghi expands role.
Mario Draghi still has much to prove as he enters his second year in office. His job as president of the European Central Bank is to ensure he guides interest rates so prices neither rise nor fall.

MAINLAND CHINA. Population Time Bomb.
Chinese cities are faced with violent protesters whose demands are growing louder as that country's economy worsens.