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WHO OFFERS CHANGE? Candidate's Claims.
Governor Romney and President Obama make their closing arguments in an unpredictably close presidential race in the campaign's final weekend for the White House.

US ECONOMY. When Will It Ever Shine Again?
Economic reports show a brightening view with lower unemployment, less expensive gasoline, rising home prices, giving US consumers the confidence to spend more.

NE residents grapple with traffic, bus lines and shortages, prompting some to say that they are tired as hell and will not put up with it anymore.

CIA'S BENGHAZI FACTS. What Really Happened?
Central Intelligence Agency officials say they responded to the attack on the U.S. Consulate in less than 25 minutes and were not asked to delay or stand down. So then why did these deaths occur?

PUTIN GROUNDED. Russian Keeping Low Profile.
Russian president may have injured himself while he used a motorized hang-glider to fly with cranes, though his office continues to deny it.