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JUDICIARY BATTLE. Egyptian Judges Fight Morsi.
Egypt's constitutional court is set to hear challenges to president Morsi’s assertion of near-absolute power.

HAMAS RISING. Pronounced New Profile.
In the West Bank as well as Gaza, many say Hamas defeated Israel — and with weapons, not words.

KING RICHARD III. Has UK Found Lost Monarch?
His loyal supporters and fierce critics await DNA testing of bones unearthed from a drab parking lot 90 miles northwest of London.

NEW CIA. Next Chief Faces Difficult Choices.
Obama’s choice to replace Petraeus could shift balance between drones and traditional intelligence practices.

SPANISH VOTING. New Catalan Nation?
After all these years, Spain and Catalonia could now be heading for a break-up. Meanwhile, stabilizing Spain's finances without tearing its social fabric apart is more difficult by Catalan secession-ism.