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Negotiations continue on both sides, but no progress appears to be in sight with barely a month left before the fiscal cliff, Republicans and Democrats remain far apart.

US CYBER-WAR. Cutting Edge With Plan X‎‏.
US Pentagon brings warfare into the future by creating a detailed map outlining a new battlefield of cyberspace.

NORTH KOREAN VOW. To Launch Long Range Rocket‎‏.
North Korea plans to launch a long-range rocket, just eight months after it failed and was condemned as a violation of a U.N. ban against developing a missile program.

PIPELINE MONEY TRAIL : Susan Rice Under Fire for Keystone.
UN Ambassador Susan Rice, already under GOP fire, is now taking hits from the left over a six-figure investment in a controversial oil pipeline

CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN. 24 Days Till The Holiday.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere we go. Take a look around and enjoy this special season to be jolly.