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A shooting rampage followed by a massacre so vicious that it left many in tears. 26 are being mourned in Connecticut following the second-deadliest school attack in U.S. history.

GUN CONTROL DEBATE. Reawakened Following Deadly Shootings.
Cries for sterner gun laws, as well as calls for caution and restraint ring out across the nation.

IRAN NUKE TALKS. Possibility In Near Future?
New nuclear talks between US and Iran may be possible in coming weeks, as
US and other world powers prepare to offer Iran a deal which could possibly ease an increasingly tense standoff. Meanwhile, since president Ahmadinejad can’t run again, his rivals hope future changes would put an end to his agenda.

EGYPTIANS VOTE. Ballots cast For New Constitution.
Calm is unlikely as a referendum is expected to harden divisions between Islamists and their opposition. A deeply polarized Egypt votes in a referendum that is likely to give the country a new constitution and risks provoking even greater turmoil.

JAPANESE VOTE. Déjà Vu All Over Again?
Voters are expected to bring back the party that was booted out three years ago. On Sunday the Japanese electorate will show they are loyal to no party and frustrated with each of the recent leaders who have held power. Political pessimists are facing a choice among a ruling party with a low approval rating, an unreformed opposition party that was booted out only three years ago and a raft of minor parties.