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BIG PENTAGON PLANS. Expanding Espionage Operations.
An ambitious overseas push will develop an espionage network that rivals the CIA in size.

GAZA EGYPT TUNNELS. Back in Business Following Cease-fire
Smuggling practices have resumed, while Israel watches to see if Hamas begins rearming during a cease-fire.

Egypt’s president decides on December 15 as the date for vote for Islamist charter, while his supporters flood the streets.

SOUTH OF THE BORDER CHANGES. Mexico’s New President.
Mexico's new president, Pena Nieto vows a more prosperous, peaceful country, while protesters clash in the streets following his victory with a 38% voter support..

DECEMBER'S HEAVENLY GIFTS. Plentiful Planetary Provisions.
Appearing like a heavenly diamond, Jupiter's celestial swagger moves through December. This large, gaseous planet rises in the eastern night sky when the sun sets, while shooting stars sail overhead this month.