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GHOST OF HURRICANE KATRINA. Haunting Republican Convention.
Republican National Committee is concerned about hosting a prime-time GOP party celebration for its candidate if another disaster unfolds in New Orleans.

APPLE VICTORY IN COURT. Sends Waves Through Technology.
Samsung and Google shares fall after US court verdict on fears for forced redesign, meanwhile Nokia and Microsoft enjoy boost.

TALIBAN ACCUSATIONS. Afghan be-headings.
Fifteen men and two women civilians who were at a party in southern Helmand province were found dead and believed executed by Taliban.

PARIS AND BERLIN. Forge Union Over Crisis.
Eurozone co-operation remedies, including banking union, is the clearest signal of a thawing relations between Germany and France. Meanwhile climate index fears, reaching a low level as companies fear their business may be deteriorating.

JAPANESE ENVOY. Attacked in Beijing.
This time an incident where a man ripped the Japanese flag from a government vehicle, comes amid a tense territorial dispute over islands in the East China Sea.