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The world marks another anniversary of the infamous and criminal attacks on 9/11. This day is a time to remember lost and loved friends, colleagues and family members.

This Naval Academy Tribute To 9/11 Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes. | The Veterans Site Blog via @po_st

To say that 9-11-01 changed the lives of nearly every American who experienced it whether you were here in NYC and lived it, or watched this terrorist act on TV is certainly a huge understatement.

@ 9:30A on that fateful day, US President Bush, who was speaking in Sarasota, Florida, said the country had suffered an "apparent terrorist attack."
Ten minutes later, FAA officials halt all flight operations at U.S. airports, the first time in U.S. history that air traffic nationwide had been halted.

Pearl Harbor, JFK, MLK assassinations may be long forgotten events for a huge generation of people living in USA. However, just about every adult on earth remembers where they were, as well as whatever they happen to be doing.

Airplanes slammed into NYC and Washington, DC. One, bound for the U.S. Capitol building, was overpowered by a group of brave passengers and it crashed it in Pennsylvania.

However, let US not allow grief make act that extreme evil that we collectively deplore. The initial vote was 420 -to- 1, US Representative Barbara Lee, who still represents US was the only member of Congress to vote against a congressional resolution involving "60 WORDS".

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