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OBAMA DIVISION. Administration Divided.
Some Obama administration officials worry that designating the Haqqani network as a terrorist group could complicate restarting peace talks with the Taliban.

With a mosque, bridge and airport, Turkey’s premier is reshaping Istanbul in ways that could bind his name to the city’s for generations. Meanwhile, on Turkey's border, a mini safe zone is shaping up as one rebel-held way station has become a default version of the haven that many want created on a larger scale inside Syria.

HAMAS WAITS. Looks to Egyptian Border.
The militant Islamist group that rules the Gaza Strip, may have been somewhat legitimized by the rise of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and has high hopes it will open the Egypt-Gaza border to trade.

INDIA STARTS UP A $4B PLAN. Electric, Hybrid Vehicles.
The Indian government is jump starting an aggressive $4.13 billion plan to increase the production of electric and hybrid vehicles.

INTERNET ADDICTS. Research Conducted in Germany.
Internet addiction is very real real and growing, according to German researchers who say they’ve found a genetic variations that may have something to do with it.