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EGYPT TELLS US TO CHANGE. President Mohamed Morsi At United Nations.
Egypt’s new leader outlines terms for U.S.-Arab ties during his first trip to the United States saying US must fundamentally change its approach to the Arab world.

IRAQ MISHAPS. What Happened To US Troop Withdrawal Plan?
US was to keep about 5,000 American troops in place, but failed. With Iraq, the goal was to leave behind a stable government, avoid a power vacuum and maintain US influence, but the administration has fallen short of these objectives.

SENKAKU/DIAOYU ISLANDS. Dangerous Waters Ahead.
The warnings surrounding these territorial waters is heating up. Th face value of these islands has never been appealing, but in geopolitics and history, whomever controls the islands says more about the power of Asia’s two economic giants, one quickly rising and the other in a slow decline.

Officials are investigating a fatal shooting at a group home in Houston, Texas, after a wheelchair-bound amputee was shot by to death by an officer after threatening him with what turned out to be a silver pen.

CNN REPORTS. US Government Objects.
The news channel reported on slain Ambassador Christopher Stevens's diary over US State Department objection. CNN says it found the journal belonging to Stevens a few days after he died during a 9/11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.