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WHO'S WHO AT UN. Some Interesting Speeches.
US President Obama mixed tough words about Iran’s nuclear program with an appeal for Middle East governments to stand up to extremists, Egypt's first democratically elected president, Mohammed Morsi, Yemen's new leader, and President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi will make closely watched speeches. Meanwhile, addressing member nations Qatar Emir tells the U.N., that he proposes a political and military coalition to stop the continuous and growing violence in Syria.

ECONOMIC CRISIS. Pain in Spain and in Greece.
Crucial period for these governments as protests in Madrid and Athens pressure government officials for economic changes.

That young rebel who was credited with helping capture Gadhafi dies after being kidnapped, beaten and slashed.

NEW NOOKS. How They Measure Up.
These tablets are becoming lighter, brighter and have HD screens, presenting a tough choice for holiday shoppers looking for a cheap option to iPad, where Apple has no shortage of early demand, but supply may be another story.

COMING TO CALIFORNIA. Driver-less Automobiles
Self-driving cars could be on the roads in 10 years; a new law establishes regulations to test and operate the vehicles.