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ECONOMIC PAIN IN SPAIN. Protests and Euro zone Turmoil.
As protesters descend on Spain’s parliament in Madrid for another demonstration, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called on Spaniards to ignore the country's short-term interests. While Euro crisis is fueling Spanish separatism, that euro-zone crisis that has already brought down governments across Europe’s periphery now threatens the survival of another nation-state. Meanwhile Greek police clash with Athens protesters as police use teargas to disperse growing demonstrators outside parliament after thousands march in Athens during first the major strike since new government took office.

ROCKY ROAD IN OHIO. 40 Days Before US Elections.
Ohio has 18 electoral votes, seventh-most in the nation, and no Republican has won the White House without carrying it. The question facing the Mitt Romney campaign now is how the candidate can force a change in the election’s trajectory as current polls appear to favor Barack Obama. Meanwhile Pennsylvania is no longer considered a swing state as perception of the Keystone State has shifted over the past few weeks towards being seen as supporting President Barack Obama.

MORE BOMBS IN SYRIA. Rocks Military Command Center.
State media says several people are dead and 14 wounded in explosions aimed at an army headquarters which have recently brought chaos to the capital of Damascus.

CHINA'S GLASS CEILING. Are Females Taking Aim?
Liu Yandong is the only woman in the politburo, but she is an outside contender to join the standing committee that runs China as it prepares for leadership transition.

NFL TOUCHDOWN. Officials Agree To End Lockout.
Has that billion dollar NFL brand been hurt, or will interest return for professional football games.