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U.S. MAY NOT INTERVENE. Syria Violence Continues.
Despite rising civilian deaths and rebels’ pleas, U.S. is not expected to expand its minimal role. Meanwhile. Syrian rebels bomb regime army base, 4 injured. A rebel spokesman says it's a revenge for an attack by the military last month that killed more than 300 people.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of Unification Church has died at 92. The self-professed messiah who led the Unification Church and was owner of the Washington Times, was the son of Korean farmers, created a sprawling empire at the intersection of religion and business and became one of the world’s most enigmatic and polarizing public figures.

ISRAELI SETTLERS EVACUATED. From West Bank Outpost Region.
The Migron settlement was the flagship of about 100 wildcat outposts built on West Bank hills.

CHINA ECONOMY. Struggling.
China’s manufacturing sector is shrinking as their economic growth has slowed for six straight quarters as exports have dropped sharply with the global economic slowdown.

DEMOCRATS HEAD TO CHARLOTTE. Stay Tuned For Nonstop Attack Ads.
Voters in battleground states were deluged with attack ads over the past few months should be prepared because they haven't see anything yet...The worst is yet to come.