Forward, Then Backwards

Submitted by ub on Mon, 01/23/2023 - 10:42

The movie loop  playing in the heads of some Republicans in the House of Representatives is  “Back to the Past.” In their case, back to the founding of the nation in the 18th century.  Their notion that there is an originalist interpretation of the US Constitution and lifestyles that work nearly 240 years later is absurd.

Even more absurd now is the behavior of radical right-wing Republicans to terrorize real conservatives and everyone else with the idea of having the US function as it did when a future national capitol was undeveloped land on the edge of the Potomac River.

The notion of a “consumption tax” to replace income taxes rather than create a new fair tax code reminds one of the Stamp Act taxes that the British levied on the settlers in newly “discovered” North America.  It was a factor in causing a revolution.

There could be no more unfair tax than a consumption tax. I do not know what the most radical Republicans are drinking and smoking, but I want none of it.

The measure repeals all existing income, payroll, and estate and gift taxes, replacing them with a flat national sales tax of 30% on all purchased goods, rents, and services.   A family of three struggling on $4,000  a month, about $50 a working day is going to lose $1,200 of that to the tax? Indeed this Is a joke on top of the 10% on average of all state taxes.

These political terrorists certainly have a sense of humor, stating that this bill will  “promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity.” Mostly what it does is help the upper middle class and seriously wealthy people. The legislation also would end income, gift, and estate taxes.  This would be a windfall for the wealthy and perpetuate inherited wealth as never before. The USA has had a progressive income tax approach for a long time. but switching to a regressive tax is not like swapping laundry soap brands.

In the grasp of an untutored, angry group who think politics is where you wage war, this is less a joke than political terrorism. You agitate against people you hate to keep people you like on your side.  It makes a mockery of the ideals contained in the Declaration of Independence

My advice is that people who agree with this political approach should be required to live an 18th century life, as follows:

  • No electricity

  • no automobiles

  • No aviation transport

  • No trains

  • No running water at home

  • No hot water from the tap

  • No indoor toilets

  • No indoor heating other than fireplaces

If you want the USA of 1789. Well, live that way! And remember,

  • Relatively little ready-to-wear clothing

  • In-Line shopping only, no one-line/delivered shopping

  • No internet

  • Minimal mail services

  • No modern medicine

  • No MRI machines

  • No X-rays

  • No dialysis

Life expectancy in late 18th century America was estimated to be under 40 years of age.   ( A favorite aunt and an uncle of mine recently died at 101 and at 92. )

This bill is a “make believe” effort on behalf of people who still believe the 2020 election was somehow stolen because they think everyone believes as they do.

We do not.

With Democrats controlling the Senate there is almost no way for it to get to the president for signature. President Biden has made it clear this will never be enacted.


By: Kenneth Tiven