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The GOP platform is again lying to American voters by softening party’s positions on abortion, same-sex marriage and  2025.

Republicans are set to abandon a decadeslong push for a federal abortion ban and soften its stance on same-sex marriage in its platform, according to changes made in a draft policy platform passed ahead of next week’s National Convention in Milwaukee.

The new draft party platform, which still must get approval from the full Republican National Committee, came after the Trump campaign made a quiet push to keep those seen as too socially conservative off the platform committee out of concern that they would make a vocal push for things like a federal abortion ban, which has consistently been unpopular in public polling.

“The reality of the situation is, this platform reflects modern day realities,” said a platform committee member who spoke anonymously to NBC News to detail private deliberations. “This is a position that leaves it up to the states, which is the position of the Republican Party.”