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Mike Pence is on a book tour trying to make money from the January six assault on Democracy but refuses to talk to Congress.

The book includes a day-by-day account of what he did, including the detailed conversations he had with Trump, in the run-up to the attack, but it is not under oath and therefore could include inaccuracies.

The Justice Department is seeking to question Mike Pence in the J6 investigation. Let us remember that, this is the body of government that was set up as US Representatives of We The People. Pence’s nickname in school was reportedly Mike DENSE. An adjective, having the component parts stupid; slow-witted; dull. intense; extreme: dense ignorance. relatively opaque; transmitting little light, as a photographic negative, optical glass, or color. When he was in Congress, Pence's fellow Republicans nicknamed him Mike Dense. In other words: not Mr. Competent or Efficient.

Mike Pence keeps refusing to speak to the January six committee and his best explanation to justify his amazing cowardice is simply that it doesn’t make any sense.

Exec privilege can’t stop #DOJ from getting Pence to talk to the grand jury because the incumbent President won’t try to invoke it against his own Exec Branch DOJ and USA vs Nixon says the need for evidence in a criminal case trumps the privilege anyway.

Mike Pence may have blown up his defense


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