Russia’s Crumbling Iron Curtain?

Is the Communist Iron curtain in Russia a propaganda facade as the world watches Putin’s war crimes and his real humiliating defeat?

Will the Russian “Z” eventually immortalize Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as the incarnation of the late leader Winston Churchill? Russian invaders bombed a village school in eastern Ukraine reportedly killing about 60 people, as Russia marks the anniversary of the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two. 

  • The "Z" formation was seen on TV showing preparation for the May 9 parade.

  • The Kremlin announced the Victory Day aerial display was called off due to bad weather.

  • However, weather forecasts over Moscow during the parade forecast sunny skies and wind at 5 mph.

This was supposed to be Russia Victory Day marking the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945. The holiday has gained significance as part of the national mythology during Putin's tenure. 

The World War II connection is significant, as Putin has claimed falsely that Ukraine is controlled by Nazis as a way to justify the war. A dress rehearsal was held Saturday in Moscow for the military parade to commemorate Victory Day. 

Putin’s Puppets: Rusian Army Embarrassment

The dismal state of the Russian military in Ukraine is so painfully obvious that even Vladimir Putin’s most hardcore loyalists have been forced to address it on television.…

Putin spouting 'fairytale claims' about being forced to invade Ukraine…

Meanwhile, online, the Russian TV schedule was 'hacked' on Victory Day with reference to 'murdered Ukrainian children'

After Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, "VPNs have been downloaded in Russia by the hundreds of thousands a day," reports the Washington Post, "a massive surge in demand that represents a direct challenge to President Vladimir Putin and his attempt to seal Russians off from the wider world Millions of Russians are 'Tearing Holes in the Digital Iron Curtain' Using VPNs

A VPN is a program you run on your computer. it sets up a tunnel over the internet to another place. Folks use these to connect and go to web servers there. VPNs can also connect you to the internet in another place.

Like if you are in Russia you can VPN to service here in the #USA like this one #CityImages, or you can google anything or watch #DoseOfNews that would not be available in #Russia.

This is impervious to attack to see inside. it can only be stopped by disconnecting Russia from the internet or chopping the connection akin to cutting your phone line.

Ukraine latest as Russia marks Victory Day, with Vladimir Putin condemning the West for planning, he says, "the invasion of our land"; evacuees rescued from Mariupol's Azovstal arrive in Ukrainian-held territory; Bono and the Edge perform a surprise gig in Kyiv.…

Russia's economy cannot keep up with Putin's failing war against Ukraine. Most pro-Kremlin propagandists admit the pariah state Is failing war of aggression. 

Russian Economy's Worst in Decades

  • GDP may shrink 12% on sanctions, an internal forecast shows

  • Finance Ministry sees worse contraction than Economy Ministry…

Victory Day marks the end of World War II across Europe. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and Russian President Putin made remarks commemorating the day.…

Meanwhile, another Russian power broker was found dead of a heart attack outside of Moscow, according to the Kremlin. The dirty secret of Republican politicians is that GOP operatives who ran multiple USA presidential campaigns had side hustles going with Russian oligarchs. They linked those oligarchs up with American politicians thereby spreading Putin’s dominance. Why did Republicans celebrate July 4 Independence Day in Moscow?