A Fine Number Nine

Submitted by ub on Tue, 11/17/2020 - 20:00

My Dearest Parker-

I'm pleased to see the resemblance between grandfather and grandson during the same age range but many years apart.

The phrase the pen is mightier than the sword was written in 1839 by an Englishman. His name was Edward Bulwer-Lytton and he wanted all to know that communication utilizing particularly the written language is a more effective tool than violence could ever accomplish. Pens are mightier than swords because they can do what a sword cannot. Let people read and think about possibilities and options.

Storytellers must get involved in media literacy working with educators to teach people of all ages to identify the truth and determine that propaganda isn't facts.

The President lost his re-election campaign and decided to reject the responsibilities he swore to uphold which includes a fight against COVID19 also known as the coronavirus global pandemic which as it turns out the deadly disease is tearing across the United States, without a clear plan, other than to spread it so everyone gets infected and many may pass away.

Unfortunately, after his reelection loss, he turned into an angry bird because he lost by millions of votes, but to add insult to injury, an announcement about progress in developing a vaccine to fight the virus surfaced after Election Day. And now his top aides say he has shown no interest in the growing crisis while confirmed new cases keep skyrocketing and hospital intensive care units in parts of the country are dangerously close to capacity.

Meanwhile, and It is really mean, global public health officials, warn that childish temper tantrum and refusal to do his job and take this pandemic seriously with decisive action and coordinate with the incoming administration during the last weeks left of his lame-duck presidency will only worsen the effects of the global pandemic and hurt America’s ability to be able to complete production and distribution of a vaccine that could save the lives of millions of people. Interestingly, his grandfather died during the last global pandemic back in 1918. The so-called Spanish flu infected 500 million people, which was about a third of the world's population at the time during four waves and was estimated to be responsible for the deaths of 100 million. 

And so it goes which brings us to the predicament we are facing, where we have a POTUS who refuses the buck and says it stops anywhere else but there. How did we arrive in the United States of Confusion? 

The story begins with the power of the media, which turned a real nitwit without talent turned into a national sensation, and many were fooled to believe he was the white knight to represent them and improve their life.

Since you are my favorite grandson and are almost nine years old, it is time to explain the mess we find ourselves in, and why writing my blog is how I try to fix things. I am sending you this special pen, which is just like the one I used while covering news in the field. I want you to use it and write to me as much as possible. I am very excited to be your Pen Pal.

Love always,