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Submitted by Admin on Sun, 02/22/2015 - 07:24

We are inviting users of the existing DOSE OF NEWS site on smart phones, computers and tablet devices to check out the new responsive solution which we’ve built, that works for everyone on any device.

The feedback we received has been extremely useful and has allowed us to prioritize the next set of features we are delivering on the website.

For instance, many people pointed out the 'breaking news ticker' from the existing site as something that they'd like to see carried forward to the new responsive version. We heard you and we listened.

Some of the other features include the addition of the following items on the front page and section pages:

Highlights from other sections on the tech, entertainment, sports stories from other site
Improved positioning, promotions and quick links to follow our sections on social media
A mechanism for you to easily find out how to get in touch/contact us with stories or questions
Improved presentation of our content when shared to social media networks
Increased overall performance of the site e.g. reduced page weight and improved load times

We're also working on enhancements that will help our editorial teams e.g. allowing them to update the layout of the 'top stories' on the front page to apply the appropriate impact to certain stories.

We are looking forward to learning what users think of the new responsive site and as always encourage you to feedback and comment either on this blog post or by

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