An Affair 2 Forget

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Fifty years after avoiding serving our nation in Vietnam, while gathering five draft deferments he goes there as POTUS, but not to carry out his duty by serving our nation like my late brother and many other heroes who fought communism in Vietnam. Trump is meeting with someone he says he loves. A ruthless dictator who is responsible for the deaths of many, including American citizens.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un’s armored train took him to Hanoi and now his bulletproof limousine surrounded by an army of burly bodyguards, rolled into Vietnam’s capital ahead of a summit with Donald Trump to discuss one of earth’s greatest security challenges, the pursuit of a nuclear program begun by Russia and supported by China which is threatening strategic targets around the planet.

Absent from his generation’s signature conflict, Donal Trump has turned Vietnam into an ideological battlefield he returns to repeatedly. Donal Trump has said he and Kim Jong Un “fell in love” over the course of their on-again-off-again messaging, following Pyongyang’s top diplomat saying there was “ no way” his nation would disarm.

Trump has publicly stated “He wrote me beautiful letters,” and added “And they’re great letters. We fell in love.”

Nearly nine months after the two men met and supposedly fell in love but accomplishing little else, other than gaining a significant amount of weight, this meeting is a follow-up to their initial foreplay last June, when they signed a vaguely worded agreement promising to work toward the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, but don’t hold your breath.

These new round of talks will give both lovers a chance to show some flesh but not much more is apparently expected, according to global observers.

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The road from "fire and fury" to love letters has been long and winding. Trump-Kim summit, not your traditional relationship…

Their love affair is a wondrous thing
That they’ll rejoice in remembering
Their love was born with a first embrace
And a page was torn out of time and space

A love affair
May it always be
A flame to burn through eternity
So take my hand
With a reverent prayer
That we may live
And we may share
A love affair to forget