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These are some sure signs of Alcohol Addiction:

Do you worry that you or your loved one may be addicted to alcohol? Although every situation is different, many people who have become addicted to alcohol demonstrate the following patterns:

Continuing to drink throughout the entire day

Getting drunk every time drinking takes place

Health problems have arisen due to constant alcohol use

Drinking regardless of responsibilities

Early morning drinking

Alcohol is used to ignore life’s problems

Friends and family members complain about constant drinking

Drinking alone

Little effort is placed into work and school

Unsuccessful attempts to quit drinking have been made

Symptoms of withdrawal (shaking, irritability, etc) take place when going without alcohol

Only able to have fun when drinking

Alcohol or money to buy alcohol have been stolen

Personal hygiene is lacking

A need to be secretive about drinking habits

Trouble limiting number of drinks

One or more of these patterns may indicate a drinking problem. If you fear that you may have a drinking problem, you probably do. How can alcohol addiction be treated? Consider calling a drug rehab facility near you today to find recovery through alcohol rehab.