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We thought you might like this info: An exciting JingLi US watch & win online event sponsored by, which is China's "eHarmony" site and Sina, which is "China's Yahoo". Hope you can enjoy this benefit or share this with your friends, especially singles. They may win a prize of Baihe VIP membership and it ends 3-22 Friday end of the day. Details are on Thank you for your support & we hope you enjoy JingLi US show, the leading lifestyle guide in America for Chinese!


新浪SINA-荆莉美国 第十七期节目获得了中国最大婚恋网站之一,百合网www.Baihe.com的赞助, 在百合网视频首页分享,为观众提供幸运的#水晶百合#VIP会员大礼,得到顶级会员服务和网上爱情课程教育,感谢一直支持我们的朋友们。具体参与方式如下
报名方式:在荆莉美国的新浪主页留言板写下自己的百合用户ID (如果没有,可在我们节目页面点击视频播放广告注册,只需几分钟)
参与地址:荆莉美国官方主页问答留言 此次活动完全免费,不需新浪微博注册

荆莉美国获得了新浪首页,新浪视频首页,新浪综艺首页,新浪娱乐首页,Youtube精选, 新浪官方微博和荆莉美国官方微博的推广。

“荆莉美国” 为大家提供最实用美国生活指南, 也是新浪目前唯一关于美国生活的视频原创节目,往期可在我们新浪官网观赏

感谢所有观众, 新浪同仁, 慕岩先生, 百合网 同事, 我们的团队,赞助商和所有支持我们的朋友们!

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JingLi US's new English-Chinese bi lingual episode on Love in NY& Beijing sponsored by, the "Chinese eHarmony" has an interactive game to invite you! We have two VIP Baihe memberships for those who participated by 3-22 besides our informative and fun interview with Baide VP Mu Yan, simply:

1 Go to the website, share your Baihe member ID in Q/A section
2 If you don't have one, you can register through the ad link on our show video in the beginning or when you hit pause)
3 Make sure to share your Baihe ID on our page Q/A section by March 22. No weibo registration is needed, it's free and fun!

Then Winner(s): Two lucky winners will be selected randomly

JingLi US's new episode has been featured on the front page of Baihe video, Sina, Sina Video, Sina Show, Sina Entertainment, official weibos of Sina and JingLi US. JingLi US updates Thursdays 4pm Beijing Time and 3am EST. Our show website is JingLi US provides the most practical, inspiring and unique contents and guide American life.

Special thanks to our viewers, fans, mentors, sponsors, colleagues at Sina, Mr. Yan Mu, Baihe and JingLi US team!

"JingLi US" Official Show Page on Sina “荆莉美国”新浪官方主页

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