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Celebrate the Year of the Horse with performances and traditional craft activities which are inspired by Lunar New Year traditions across Asia.

Moon Over Manhattan
1 February 2014
1:00pm - 4:00pm

725 Park Avenue (at East 70th Street), New York, NY
$5 students, seniors, children; $7 members (Dual Family members FREE); $12 nonmembers. Tickets available the day of event

Schedule of Events:

1:00 PM
Two select short films from the “1001 Nights Series” featuring episodes taking place in China. Princess Rou is the story of a not-so-attractive princess who invents a creative way to choose the ideal suitor. What’s Yours Is Mine is the story of a fisherman who refuses to sell a pearl given to him by a mermaid.

1:45 PM
Rabbit Days and Dumplings
Rabbit Days and Dumplings is a celebration of folk and children's music from all over East Asia, reinterpreted to mix various musical traditions, languages, styles, and stories. These tunes range from northern Japanese sea shanties to Tibetan jump rope rhymes, joyous Korean harvest sing-a-longs, and Taiwanese train songs.

3:00 PM
Lion Dance and Kung-Fu Demonstration
New York Bo Law Kung-Fu martial arts school presents a traditional Lion Dance followed by an interactive Kung Fu demonstration.

Ongoing Activities
1:00-4:00 PM

Calligraphy workshop with Chinese Theater Works (for children and adults)
Try your hand at writing traditional Chinese calligraphy on your own bookmark

Experiment with traditional Chinese Paper Cutting techniques

Construct a colorful and festive Tibetan Butter Sculpture

Make your own Year of the Horse clay charm, or get your face painted in festive designs.