Submitted by ub on Tue, 12/03/2013 - 20:03

The world as we know it is a surprisingly adversarial partner. From an American point of view, Asia looks like the world’s most peaceful continent. And it still is, at least for now.

But when The US VP steps in the middle, the situation may erupt. Vice President Joe Biden has traveled to Asia and has walked into a sensitive diplomatic crisis.

It may appear to be a dull dispute over uninhabited Pacific islands known by different names depending on the country, but there is plenty of bad blood in them there hills. These countries have been at odds for 75 years that involves war, brutality, rape and historical baggage that now threatens to involve US.

China recently declared a no fly an air-defense zone over the disputed islands. These rocky islands are 200 miles southeast of China’s coast and also close to Taiwan, which has also expressed interest. The reason for the focus is not only a long history of bad blood between China and Japan, but there appears to be plenty of oil down there to claim. Perhaps enough oil to fuel China for the next half century.

The United States has promised to support Japan in this growing dispute with China over islands in the East China Sea. U.S. administration officials are accused China of behavior that had unsettled its neighbors.

Stay tuned cause there are no "Yokoso", or "Huang Ying" WELCOME signs anywhere on these rocky islands. Prepare because this developing story has just begun to heat up.

Photo: Kyoto/Reuters