ASSISTED LIVING: Scary For A Community?

Submitted by ub on Sat, 10/20/2012 - 15:22

When a senior citizen reaches an advanced age in which everyday life becomes extremely difficult and perhaps hazardous, assisted living centers can offer peace of mind. The day when a family makes this difficult decision can sometimes be overwhelming and also scary for the elderly person.

But in one interesting NYC case, some members of a small community have decided to do all they can to stop the development of a second area retirement home/assisted living center.

The fact is that senior citizens do not increase the violent crime rate, nor add to the traffic congestion. So why all the uproar? City Island Images called a few members of the City Island Civic Association and reached out to their elected leaders, but only spoke with seniors, who support the project and asked that they not be identified.

According to the information we uncovered and to published reports, CICA leaders are asking for financial support to pay for legal action against an Italian doctor/developer who plans a 190-unit assisted living and senior housing facility.

The community's concern is that the four-story, 190-unit violates local zoning laws and point to that project being turned down by NYC Department of Planning and the local community board, but the developer told City Island Images that his plans are continuing and will take it up with the city’s Board of Standards and Appeals.

The proposed facility would be built on a vacant lot on the corner of Schofield Street and City Island Avenue, soon to be re-named Ed Sadler Way. Captain Ed Sadler was a delightful 95 years young man, who was born and died inside the same house last year.

Community spokespersons say the building does not belong on the island and fear that it could turn into a problem if the state health department decides to reject the license for that senior assisted living and housing facility. Their fear tactics have reportedly gone as far as stating that the project would lower property values on City Island.

The Italian Hospital Society is headed by Doctor Domenico Mignone, who told City Island Images that he feels badly for the majority of the people in City Island, adding this leadership disinformation campaign must stop." If these are the leaders City Islanders elect, they have a problem."