AWARD - City Island Society of Clam-diggers and Mussel-suckers

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City Island Images is proud to announce the annual competition for this year's City Island Society of Clam-diggers and Mussel-suckers. This annual award is given each and every year to any and all exemplary City Island community citizens, who receive the most votes and highest community support.

The City Island Society of Clam-diggers and Mussel-suckers was formed to recognize those exceptional individuals who, over time, have made extraordinary contributions to the character and quality of their City Island community and culture.

Below are the criteria:

Individual, or group has served in an active role for at least ten years at the time of nomination.
Individual is either a clam digger, or a mussel-sucker in good standing.
Individual demonstrates a keen understanding of City Island's history.
Individual promotes civility on and inside this fabulous island.
Individual serves as a role model for other islanders, as well as visitors.
Individual demonstrates high level of concern for members of this community.
Individual should be actively involved above and beyond his/her specific job requirements.

The winning recipients will be presented with cash, small gifts along with a personalized plaque.

City Island is a small nautical community in The Bronx, which has a New England-type culture that makes it appear much different from other parts of New York City.

A native City Islander is a “Clam digger” . A non-native City Islander is a “Mussel sucker.”

We would like to thank all of those who take time to make nominations to: or

City Island Images PO Box 147 City Island NY, 10464

Please send City Island Images your recommendations and we'll announce a winner before years end.

City Island Images is proud to bestow this acknowledgement to any deserving resident of City Island.

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