Booze not necessary

Submitted by Admin on Sun, 01/11/2015 - 14:51

I personally know a few casual and other regular drinkers, where on any given 24 hour cycle they might have a few drinks. But after my divorce to a woman who drank, when it came to dating, I would eventually learn that I preferred gals who were teetotalers.

I recall an especially great first date, which led to several further follow ups and a serious relationship with a young lady who didn’t drink. It was a really positive date, because not only was she kind and attractive she was also extremely upbeat. I didn’t drink either because I did not want her to feel self-conscious, so there was no worry of having had too much, which can be a concern that negates the unwinding effects of alcohol consumption.

This might be a welcome one for anyone trying to cut back on their drinking while still maintaining a romantic relationship. But how do individuals date if they don’t meet for drinks? While I was on the dating scene and before I happily got married again to this non drinking lady, whose name is Yirong...
I liked to fill a wine glass with just a little red wine and a lot of cranberry juice, occasionally taking a sip. This way people would not ask why I wasn’t drinking. I thought I should fight the perception that you must drink to have fun. I worried that I would be viewed as not fun, but eventually I grew tired of having that silly conversation. A note to all sober people: We’re not the only one with that concern.

Come to think of it, the fact that she does not drink much is one of her many attractions, instead of going out boozing together, our conversations are focused on more substantial topics we have in common. Though we happily sipped wine, and Champagne at our wedding, the benefit of not drinking is the clarity of knowing that its never going to be necessary in a loving and sincere relationship.

My wife does not drink, my daughters, son and I do responsibly, but thankfully my families were never big drinkers... To booze or not too booze, that is for you and only you to ultimately chose.