Submitted by Admin on Tue, 10/15/2013 - 16:28

Consider the current US government shutdown, the infighting inside our political parties, the probability that the situation may likely go on from crisis to crisis, as well as the low level of patience and confidence that most Americans have in their present form government.

The lack of representative democracy that is ripping this nation apart is not only a betrayal of our forefathers and of those American ideals and principles they believed in and fought for, but it could have lasting negative effects on our global economy and the future health of many international institutions.

This present situation should serve as a call to action. US citizens should be deeply concerned that our political system is failing.

This call can not come with a more urgent signal than the future of our republic as we know it. Stop the madness and force your representative
to become more responsible, or perhaps it's time to clean hose before it's too late.

Our current form of government appears to no longer be by the people and for the people. US voters should reject the type of checkbook democracy, where a record $7-billion was reportedly spent on the 2012 election by candidates, political parties, and outside political action committees.