Submitted by ub on Thu, 01/09/2014 - 12:34

The Bully Pulpit was a phrase coined after US President Theodore Roosevelt's reference to the White House as a "bully pulpit."

The presidency is a terrific platform from which to persuasively advocate an agenda. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had apparently been using this tactic with some success until it finally caught up with him.

Call it Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Bridge-gate, Chris, You Have a Lot More Explaining... It all hangs on The George Washington Bridge. E-mails point to top Christie aides who may have orchestrated traffic jams last year on that bridge during a political plan to punish NJ Democrats who didn't support the Republican Governor.

Christie has fired staffers and said he is sorry, but some feel he is hiding information and has not come clean with the public.

A New Jersey Mayor, who spoke with City Island Images, but wanted to remain anonymous suggested this is the way Christie has been acting all along, the phony with political payback moves. Governor Christie signed an anti-bullying law, but some wonder if he ever read it?

The lane closures slowed down traffic for days back in September affecting emergency vehicles. In response to the e-mail firestorm, Christie said yesterday that he was misled by staff. He said he knew nothing about it.

Emergency responders were delayed in attending to four medical situations, including one in which a 91-year-old woman lay unconscious and due to traffic gridlock caused by unannounced closures of access lanes to the George Washington Bridge, according to the head of the borough’s EMS department. The woman later died, borough records show.

Now he is “embarrassed and humiliated” by the behavior of his staff, Christie has apologized for the bridge lane-closure scandal that has swamped his administration and announced the firing of a top aide who tried to exact political revenge against a Democratic mayor.

Some say Christie may possibly face a criminal charges as Democrats demand answers for the possible orchestrated traffic. Others say the Governor is a political bully, claiming that he's followed around by aides waiting for moments where Christie, mustering the might and prestige of his office, annihilates some citizen who may decide to question him and making a record of it all.

City Island Images suggests that Mr. Christie come clean in these sudden bridge-lane closures, and provide a verifiable explanation of this activity and call for an independent non partisan investigation and order his aides to cooperate. The person who rises as a bully may also fall that way too. Let that be a lesson to bullies all over.

What will Christie do when he listens to "Open All Night", Bruce Springsteen's tribute to the New Jersey Turnpike?