Bundle Bandits

Submitted by ub on Mon, 06/17/2019 - 14:04

Back in 1940, an American public servant in the Caribean who is near and dear to me moved against motion picture distributors by supporting legislation prohibiting "block booking" and "blind selling' a move which is not called "Bundling"

Following our practice of full disclosure, this individual was my grandfather who served as Cuba's Secretary of Commerce. The story was written by The Associated Press, the worlds oldest and most respected news organization. 60 years later, I served an AP Bureau Chief in NYC.

A bundle refers to marketing and product bundling, or a strategy which involves offering several products for sale as a combined product. Product bundles are several services that are sold to consumers as one combined package. For retailers who sell the same items both individually and as part of a product bundle, the bundle tends to cost less than if a customer were to purchase those items individually. But are they always the best deal for the price?

Online-streaming of TV was a time when folks watched unlimited content from major studios without the cost of cable. Prepare to be raked over the coals by bundling.

The Coming Wave of Bundling The next wave of bundling is fast approaching as the bundling-unbundling cycle accelerates in the digital age

Will Media Bundling Save the Industry? Offerings like Apple News+ might be a Band-Aid, but not a prescription for subscription fatigue

The Wild-West Era of Streaming TV Is Ending. Cord cutters will soon need several subscriptions to watch all their favorite movies and shows—and the cost could look like the dreaded cable bill.