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A strong California earthquake has caused injuries and plenty of damage. The 6.0 quake is the largest to hit the San Francisco Bay Area in over 25 years.

The quake sent scores of people to hospitals, ignited fires, damaged multiple historic buildings and knocked out power to tens of thousands in California's wine country on Sunday.

18 year old Elena Roman, who is a student at San Francisco State University told City Island Images that she was fine, but was startled by the early morning quake. The earthquake struck around 3:20A about 6 miles from the city of Napa, which has rocked wine country, and vineyards extremely hard by causing water main breaks and gas line ruptures.

The 6.0 quake left two adults and a child critically injured, 87 people were taken to nearby hospitals in Napa, with only three of them seriously injured. California Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency.

Earthquake shakes Northern California…