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Catholic Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was named Pope‚ÄČ last week, as white smoke emerged from the Sistine Chapel indicating that the majority of the 115 Cardinals voting had made their final selection.

Since Hispanics have considerably contributed to the well-being of the world, last week's decision will help put it in a much better historical perspective. Being Hispanic, or Latino is not about coming from one nation, nor only one culture. Instead, Hispanics are greatly diverse people.

The cultural and linguistic origins are Spanish and Latin American, regardless of race and color. These can be of European, Indian or African descent, or any combination of these three. Hispanics have cultural ties to Mexico, the Caribbean countries, Central America, South America or Spain itself.

For Latinos and Hispanics, the name Pancho is a nickname of endearment given to male friends for their given name Francisco or Francis.

Following the initial euphoria, global Hispanics are absorbing the emerging biography of Jorge Bergoglio, a man few had heard of before his appearance at the Vatican balcony on Wednesday.

Latinos worldwide are finally feeling the power and importance of becoming more relevant and perhaps the entire universe will start to look slightly differently. Orale, Pancho!