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Quinn and Weiner are both NYC Mayoral candidates, but that is where their similarities end. They could not be further apart in many ways and the two of them showed it at a City Island Community Center standing room crowd.

Christine Quinn was cool and pleasant during her City Island community forum appearance. If elected, Quinn would be the first woman and the first openly gay NYC mayor. She spoke about crime control, zoning and transportation issues. Ms. Quinn, who is also City Council Speaker now leads Weiner by double digits in the latest polls.

Anthony Weiner's appearance came later. He remained defiant and was hot, combative and had a testy exchange with the president of the City Island Civic association telling him not to vote from him, but not to deny others the opportunity to listen to him. He also told the group that his campaign is not really about him, but about our families. Weiner then took some political jabs at his opponent implying that she has been playing New Yorkers.

Over one hundred Mussel Suckers and Clam Diggers, along with members of The NYC Press Corps were on hand to meet these two NYC Mayoral candidates at The City Island Community Center.

City Island is located in the northeast corner of the Bronx on the Long Island Sound and is connected to the mainland by a three lane bridge. The island has a seafaring tradition dating back to the 18th century.

City Island hosts some of the finest seafood restaurants in New York City. During the summer months thousands of people flock there to enjoy what the island has to offer. The island is mostly residential with a commercial strip, City Island Avenue that runs the length of the island.