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Creating Apps: Reaching Out in Real-Time

Tuesday, March 11

6:30 to 8:00 pm

With millions of apps for multiple smartphone operating systems, is there anything new under the sun? Hear from those in the vanguard of the burgeoning apps industry about the newest innovations in the social ad space: next gen real-time adaptive apps for activity-based ads. And find out what they look for in new hires!

Chris Cunningham, Co-Founder and CEO, appssavvy

Drew Breunig, VP of Strategy, PlaceIQ

Michael Bayle, SVP, Global Programmatic, xAd, Inc.

Moderator: Jill Duffy, Tech Writer, PC Magazine

Presented with NYIT Auditorium on Broadway and the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment

NYIT Auditorium on Broadway

1871 Broadway

between 61st and 62nd Streets

Animation Domination: How to Make It!

Wednesday, March 19

6:30 to 8:00 pm

Animation has evolved dramatically over the past two decades, from endless labors with cels and paint to the evolving and much less arduous technique of digital animation, with dozens of hybrid methods in between. Here's your chance to hear from award-winning animators about the skills you need to break in to this highly competitive field.

Leah Shore, animator for Google, Warner Bros., Vice, Adult Swim, and

Michelle Higa Fox, animator and Creative Director, Slanted Studios

Alan Foreman, freelance animator and director, television series include Home Movies (Cartoon Network), Time Warp Trio (Discovery Kids), Word Girl (PBS), and Speed Racer: The Next Generation (Nicktoons Networks)

Lizzi Akana, director, animator, and designer

Moderator: Adam Natale, Director, SVA Theatre

Presented with SVA's Film, Video and Animation Department and the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment

SVA Theatre

333 West 23rd Street (8th and 9th Aves.)