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The George Polk Awards Seminar: Covering Income Inequality
WHEN: Thursday, April 10, 6:30 to 8:00 pm, Cocktail Reception 5:30 pm

WHERE: Kumble Theatre, LIU, Brooklyn Campus, Flatbush Ave. (DeKalb & Willoughby)

Hear from this year's Polk Award-winning journalists, who are at the front lines of the growing gap between rich and poor in America.

Andrea Elliott, The New York Times, author of the "Invisible Child" series

Eli Saslow, The Washington Post, author of a series documenting life on food stamps

Alison Fitzgerald, The Center for Public Integrity, on the team that reported "After the Meltdown," on the lack of accountability of executives responsible for the financial crisis

Andrea Elliott received the George Polk Award for a five-part article she wrote in December, 2013 for The New York Times on child homelessness in New York, focusing on a Brooklyn preteen named Dasani. In 2007, Elliott received the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing for the three-part series she wrote for the Times on Egyptian-born imam Sheik Reda on the challenges he faced when he arrived in the U.S. to make Brooklyn his home, one year after the September 11 attacks.

Polk Award Winner Eli Saslow shines a light on the inequality and hardships of American life. He will receive this year's award for national reporting for a six-part series he wrote on American families who are forced to rely on the federal food stamp program. The series, published throughout 2013, takes the reader deep inside families in several U.S. cities who struggle with ill-health and serious hunger because they cannot afford to buy vegetables and other healthy food. Saslow has won many awards for news and feature writing, and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in feature writing in 2013.

Alison Fitzgerald received her second George Polk Award this year for her reporting at the Center for Public Integrity on the fates of high-level financial and banking executives responsible for the Global Financial Crisis. A finance and investigative reporter, she joined the Center for Public Integrity in April 2013, after more than a decade at Bloomberg News, where she wrote about the convergence of politics, government and economics. Her coverage of the 2008 financial crisis and ensuing government bailout won her several awards, including the 2009 George Polk Award.

Presented with Kumble Theater and the Journalism Department, LIU, Brooklyn Campus

Gossip Media: Did you Hear ...?

WHEN: Tuesday, April 22, 6:30 to 8:00 pm

WHERE: The New School, Theresa Lang Center, 2nd Floor, 55 West 13th Street (5th & 6th Aves.)

The foibles and follies of celebs can be fun and entertaining, but social media and the Internet have changed the game, and a growing number of the famous (and infamous) are disturbed about stories that can stay "out there" forever. Hear from our panel of New York's best-known and most respected gossip-hounds on what it takes to be successful in the field today. And don't miss this chance to learn firsthand from media duo Rush and Molloy, who taught a generation of reporters that despite the temptations and stereotypes, you CAN write a gossip column with integrity! (Book signing of Scandal: A Manual and Celebrity Inc. follows the conversation.)

Jo Piazza, Executive News Director, In Touch and Life & Style; author, Celebrity Inc.

Richard Johnson, Columnist, NY Post

George Rush and Joanna Molloy, wrote the internationally syndicated Rush & Molloy gossip column for 15 years in the New York Daily News, and are co-authors of Scandal, a Manual: The Inside Story from America's Infamous Gossip Columnists

Moderator: Michael Riedel, Theatre Columnist, NY Post

Presented with The School of Media Studies at The New School for Public Engagement

Down and Dirty with David Duchovny

WHEN: Monday, April 28, 7:00 to 8:30 pm

WHERE: SVA Theatre, 333 West 23rd Street (8th and 9th Aves.)

Two-time Golden Globe Winner David Duchovny is known for portraying colorful characters who are, above all, memorable. Whether it's film, TV, or the stage, he has a knack for conveying inner truths and complexities behind the role. Duchovny's star turn as Fox Mulder on The X-Files helped to make it the longest running science-fiction series in U.S. history. And as Showtime's hit series Californication launches its 7th (and final) season, the hard-drinking, womanizing novelist Hank Moody will be laid to rest. Find out what Duchovny's up to next.

David Duchovny, actor/writer/director

Moderator: Adam Natale, Director, SVA Theatre

Presented with SVA's Film, Video and Animation Department

Students Only

Stanley Bing: An MBA in a Book

WHEN: Wednesday, April 30, 6:30 to 8:00 pm

WHERE: NYIT Auditorium on Broadway, 1871 Broadway, (between 61st and 62nd Streets)

Meet author Stanley Bing, (the alter ego of Gil Schwartz, a major executive at CBS) who has written over a dozen funny and entertaining books on the culture of business, each one packed with good, solid advice and surprising revelations. His column in Fortune has appeared on the magazine's back page since 1995 - something of an anomaly in the magazine world. Bing's books include: What Would Machiavelli Do?, Sun Tzu Was A Sissy, and 100 Bullshit Jobs and How To Get Them. His latest, The Curriculum, is a sharp and practical course of study that will save you a bundle on business school tuition! Book signing follows. Moderated by Trish Regan, Anchor and Editor-at-Large, Bloomberg Television.

Presented with NYIT Auditorium on Broadway