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The peace and joy of Christmas is celebrated by many throughout the world.

Here is one such sample from The Caribbean. t’s the carnival time for the people of Bahamas. For Christmas and carnival are quite synonymous for the Bahamas. And this mood of carnival is often streaked with secular colours and tinges. However the spirit of Christmas would remain incomplete without exchanging gifts and cards amongst each other. Further it can be rightly said that feasting and singing melodious carols also add another feather to their spirit of celebration. For about a week before Christmas Day carollers go out in the evening, singing carols in public places in order to welcome the moment of festivity with full vigour. Some of the favourite Christmas carols which savour the mood are "Christians Awake", "Salute the Happy Morn" and many more.

Exchanging gifts and cards amongst each other serves as a prime activity amongst the people of Bahamas. Children are often gifted withtoys and candy canes by their parents in the guise of Santa. Since a Christmas tree is the centre of attraction in most houses so children take active participation in the decoration of the Christmas tree. The tree is duly decorated with twinkling lights, tree top angels, icicles and other ornaments. Apart from decorating the Christmas tree, the interior of houses are as well taken care of. The house is neatly cleaned up and new curtains are hung up. Families prepare food, cakes and other goodies for families and loved ones. Moreover all the fixtures and furniture are removed so that the house gets a vacant and clean look. Moreover in order to add more décor to their household, beautiful clothes are placed.