Submitted by ub on Wed, 07/10/2013 - 18:58

NYC DOT has provided City Island Images with the following information and at their request, with the understanding that we do not use any quotes.

Registration of the construction contract for the City Island bridge is currently underway at the Comptroller's Office. Although the timeline for the project's start will be determined when registration is complete, we have been told by more than one source that this will occur in less than six months.

As we al know, the existing City Island Bridge is far past its intended life span and shows significant deterioration. Further, DOT has worked tirelessly both to maintain the existing structure while working on a replacement plan, working extensively with local elected officials, civic associations and community members in a dozen public meetings and
presentations and countless conversations.

DOT also received from the Borough President, NYC Councilman Jimmy Vacca and Congressman Joe Crowley, the Community Board, other elected officials and many members of the community, and at each step of this process, DOT made requested changes to the design and received the support of all of these parties and the bridge design was revised significantly to reflect the community request for significantly shorter towers and the project will maintain space for passing boats.

The design is the result of these significant changes and the rise in material costs over such an extensive community planning period.

The long awaited construction of this new bridge is on track and well on it's way. The future of this controversial project has yet to be written.