City Island Firehouse

Submitted by Admin on Fri, 03/15/2013 - 14:58

Yesterday's City Island fire underscores the importance of keeping our firehouse open with Engine 70 and Fire Ladder 53. At one time during the late afternoon we had about 125 firefighters and three ladders and three hose working on that blaze, which City Island Images initially reported to our readers in real time and exclusively.

FDNY Ladder 53 is responsible for the search and rescue operations for City Island. Their operations center is located at the Schofield Street station, which also houses Engine 70.

The only ladder company which is closest is across the bridge in Co-op City, with an approximate response time that is around 9 minutes.

Since the majority of fire fatalities occur during the night hours, losing a ladder company here in isolated island, which is only accessible from one three lane bridge is particularly troubling and should be of grave concern to all City Islanders.

Pleas reach out to FDNY officials and let them know how you feel.