Submitted by ub on Fri, 06/06/2014 - 23:09

Making healthy choices isn’t always easy. To cool visitors down for the summer, City Island Frozen Yogurt is offering a cold and creamy Fro-Yo, which is a healthier treat.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Yang, the new owners tell City Island Images they'll be open for business on Saturday morning, just in time for The City Island Arts and Crafts Fair.

This brand new modern shop is located on 313 City Island Avenue will begin selling frozen yogurt for $0.49 per ounce. They're offering self serve frozen yogurt treats in various flavors, including Mango, which happens to be our favorite.

Consuming yogurt instead of ice cream translates into a reduction in the amount of fat and calories. For example, a half-cup serving of frozen yogurt averages 100 to 140 calories and zero to 3 grams of fat.

This could be the most reasonable sweet summer treat for any healthy lifestyle. Some of the premium brands of ice cream normally contain 3 times more calories and 5 times more fat than found inside frozen yogurt.