City Island Images - On Facebook and @CIMAGES on Twitter

Submitted by ub on Fri, 08/30/2013 - 13:42

City Island Images is inviting each and every one of you to follow on Twitter.
We are also requesting the thousands of our monthly visitors to create a twitter account, if you do not already have one and to please follow us.

Setting up a Twitter account takes less than 5 minutes. Starting in September, City Island Images will read one and all who take the time to send news and information content to @CIMAGES.

We Tweet daily important information for every member of our constituency that is most certainly on a need to know information basis. It's news you can use.

This can be garage sales, missing people, or pets, housing for rent or sale, birthdays, parties and events.

You can also find on of Facebook at City Island Images. By clicking the globe on the right, you can subscribe to our morning and evening daily edition of daily news and information content feeds.

We will recognize accomplishments, convey announcements, and highlight our successes and then use other media.

Of-course, you may also continue to e-mail City Island Images:, or write to us at:
City Island Images c/o IMAGINUS PO Box 147 City Island Station, NYC, NY #10464