Commuter Weather Alert

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A winter storm with it's own name in never a good thing. Hektor will slam much of the mid-Atlantic with freezing rain, sleet and snow beginning tonight and into the morning commute.

A Hazardous Weather Outlook and a Winter Weather Advisory bringing a wintry mix of sleet, snow and freezing rain, where the sleet will change to a snow-and-sleet mixture Monday evening, according to forecasters.

Roads could be slippery, making the morning commute more difficult than usual. Mr. Hektor brought light icing to parts of Texas Friday and Saturday and is now heading to the north and east. Sleet and freezing rain along the heavily-populated I-95 Northeast urban corridor, making for potentially challenging trips.

A storm system near the Gulf coast of Texas will spread moisture northward on Monday. The moisture will encounter colder air which will allow a wintry mix of precipitation to fall along a swath from the mid-Mississippi Valley to the mid-Atlantic and southern New England. The most significant freezing rain is forecast in central Indiana where an Ice Storm Warning is now in effect.

Freezing rain expected to spread through parts of the Midwest and northern Mid-Atlantic tonight. Another blast of cold temperatures will spread southeastward through much of the Plains, Midwest and Northeast Monday/Tuesday...Western storm system to bring moderate to heavy snow to the Four Corners states...

There will be two main weather systems to impact the lower 48 early this week, one in the East and one in the West. A snow and ice storm will continue to move northeastward from the Mid-Mississippi Valley tonight and on Monday, bringing a swath of freezing rain from near St. Louis to southern New England. Storm total ice accumulations should generally be less than 0.25 inches with most locations receiving less than 1/10th of an inch. To the north, a stripe of light to locally moderate snow should
impact locations from the Midwest into central and northern New England.

Farther south where temperatures will be too warm for frozen precipitation, steady rain and even some thunderstorms are expected for the Carolinas. The storm system will make for poor driving conditions
through much of the day on Monday, followed by much colder temperatures in its wake, as a cold front associated with the storm sinks into the western Gulf of Mexico and clears much of the East Coast. High temperatures behind the winter storm will drop about 20 degrees compared to today in the
southern and central High Plains, and similarly for New England for Tuesday.

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A car accident is causing extensive traffic delays in both directions on the Bruckner Expressway at Pelham Parkway, The Bronx. Please plan ahead!