Submitted by ub on Sat, 01/24/2015 - 12:02

There is a trick up US Attorney Preet Bharara's sleeve, and it is to force the Moreland Commission members to say things that may hurt corrupt politicians in NY state government. But this is not only a NY State problem, but an international disgrace.

We keep on hearing "Lets throw the bums out", but we never do. The fact that corrupt "leaders" continue to stay in power speaks for itself. We are, its beginning to appear that we are living in a corrupt universe.

Corruption is a major cause of poverty around the world. It occurs at all levels of society, from local and national governments, civil society, judiciary functions, large and small businesses, military and other services and so on.

Corruption affects the poorest the most, in rich or poor nations, though all elements of society are affected in some way as corruption undermines political development, democracy, economic development, the environment, people’s health and more.

But it is not just politicians and so called public servants. Corruption exists at all levels in society.
It is easy to see some corruption. It is harder to identify other more formal, even legal forms of “corruption.” It is easy to assume that these are not even issues because they are part of the laws and institutions that govern international communities and many of us will be accustomed to it.

It is time to speak out, blow the whistle and speak out against all types of corruption at all levels. Take action against those who abuse the power afforded them through their position in business, government, or another entity. It does not matter whether the corruption of power is for financial gain, betterment of position, protection of status, cover-up of incompetence, or otherwise, because the corrupt abuse of such power against those with limited if any ability to fight back is unconscionable and evil.

By banding together, it is hoped that victims can find help, the corrupt will face justice, others may not have to suffer the same, and everyone will benefit.