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It may be raining on the parades of NYC and San Diego Mayors today as their respective city councils vote on hot button issues.

Bob Filner, Mayor of San Diego has been battling allegations of sexual harassment, with petitions for him to step down. A tentative agreement was reached following days of mediation involving attorneys for embattled San Diego Mayor and other city officials, but City Attorney Jan Goldsmith has yet to provide details.

However, about an hour after Goldsmith's announcement, Mayor Filner was seen on video getting into his black SUV outside city hall, with several boxes packed into his back seat.

The Mayor of NYC may have a veto overridden on his controversial police procedure. The NYPD practice of stop and frisk can not be effective is it is not legal, because racial profiling is against the law and you can not prevent criminal action by committing a crime. New York City Council meets over stop-and-frisk practices, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg vetoed two contentious bills to increase oversight of the Police Department and expand the ability of New Yorkers to sue over police profiling of suspects.

Stay tuned to learn these two separate outcomes... What is your opinion on these two issues?

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