Death of conversation?

Submitted by ub on Sat, 02/07/2015 - 15:04

I personally do not have a problem with portable media because our devices facilitate our lives. In fact, my friend and I have developed: Dose Of News: All the news that's fit to download. Read all about it.

But I strongly believe digital media is making people engage less and some may forget how to interact face to face. This worries me to some degree because I see too many people everywhere I go, from NYC to Shanghai seemingly obsessed with their smartphones and tablets.

Before there were cell phones, folks could be seen interacting with one another. This is no longer the norm, as many folks prefer to bury their faces on the portable devices rather than looking into someone else s eyes and starting a verbal conversation. This is killing communication and increasing our global pain index.

Could this also be the death of privacy? Our communications are streamed live, with security hopelessly compromised and open season for hackers and stalkers. This may change the way we live for ever,

Nowadays folks are fearful of terrorists, pedophiles and worry about surveillance from major government officials are corporations. We have never been so conscious of snooping and spying.

Together we must consider making an effort to speak to each other, not text and therefore release ourselves from the habits that portable media and bring back conversations with make us laugh out loud face-to-face, and not LOL.