Submitted by ub on Thu, 10/11/2012 - 21:41

The first presidential debate of 2012 was in my opinion a draw. Candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama went round for round with each other throwing jabs and hooks without any real knockout punches being landed. Although I thought both candidates were evenly matched; the moderator Jim Lehrer seemed to be out of his league when refereeing these two heavyweights.

The debate started off well as any boxing match does between two ranked opponents. Ref Lehrer reads the contestants the rules and tell the athletes what he is expecting from the soon to be brawl. Each opponent will receive two minutes per round to throw as many low-blows and glancing rib-busting cheap shots as they can fit in. With the contestants full of adrenaline and arguments; Lehrer throws in the first flesh of meat topic and rings the dinner bell.

Round one for Romney and Obama was the first round of debates that I have ever witnessed. It was an experience that I'll never want to remember. Worse than two sorority sisters arguing in circles about who left the curling iron on; both Obama and Romney didn't seem to get anything accomplished. Not even referee Jim Lehrer could successfully keep these bruisers from running in circles throwing wild punches. However while Obama was on the offense, he stuck with his quick jab. The jab consisted of Barack telling Romney that he was going back on what he initially said he was going to do with taxes. And of course Romney has his guard up and circles away by telling Barack that he has no idea what he is talking about.

Round after uncontrolled round of bickering left me with a headache and left referee Lehrer with a brain aneurysm. After referee Lehrer is made decisionless; I "The Writer Romer" have to step in and make the call. I must say however that after the dust has settled between the brutes, I am a goldfish in an ocean full of sharks. And with the feeling that so many NFL replacement refs feel, I think I'll call this one a tie. Oh wait. Can I do that? Wait. What is the rule for this situation?

By: Forrest Romer